You Are Anointed For Business

I am continuing this week on the subject of being “Anointed For Business” Using our spheres of influence as a “Pulpit” to spread the “Good News to every creature we encounter” Mark 16:15,  To have church all over the city see Acts 2:42, And transform the marketplace.

I can’t help but wonder how many Christians like myself, have been lulled into complacency by the spirit of this age and go day to day to weeks and months and years never doing much more than an occasional “Bless You” when someone sneezes. I painfully admit this was me for years. But not anymore. I have discovered some tools that helped me find my voice and I’m now using it. I encourage you to do the same.

Being anointed in the Bible is often associated with Oil. And symbolizes the Holy Spirit and Worship.Pouring rubbing or smearing was the biblical way of indicating that the person had been set aside for Divine use.Gen 28:18, When a person was anointed a large amount of oil was poured on the head to symbolize that the totality of the person has been set aside.Such an anointing was done for full time consecration. And Divine service. Kings, Preists and Prophets were all anointed.

In Psalms 133:1-3, we’re shown a picture of oil running down the hair the beard and eventually the robes of Aaron. The passage describes the anointing to the dew of Hermon. Which comes down on the mountains of Zion. Abundant, Overflowing, Enveloping, Transforming Anointing is what this Psalm is all about.

This type of Anointing is precisley what God wants to do with His people in the marketplace. To empower us with so much of His Holy Spirit that the y will”Open their eyes so that sinners will turn from darkness to light and from the dominion of satan to God.”Acts 26:18,

 Essential oils are the tool that I found that has made the transition in my conversations smooth and natural. Frankincense oil in particular, I have found, creates a lot of curiosity amoung people. Most have never had the opportunity to smell this piney scent derived from trees in the middle east. And what a Divine picture the extraction of Frankincense is. The tree must be scarred and the sap collected from the wound.(By His stripes we are healed. Isa 53:5, 1 Peter 2:21-25,) Then the precious oil is extracted from the resin.There are many natural health benefits in these oils. Which were in fact one of the main sources of healthcare in biblical times.

While I have peoples attention, smelling the Frankincense oil. I then share my favorite Psalm 46:10, Be still and know that I am God. I explain to people that I use these times to get quiet and think of the many attributes of God, He is my Salvation, He is my Peace, He is my Provision, He is my Deliverer and the Lifter of my head. He will be exalted in the earth. He is The Lord Of Hosts and He is with us.He is my Strong Tower, He is my Refuge. Do You Know Him?

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1/28/19 Global Marketplace Ministries 

 Christians need to know that they are not privates in Gods army just because they have not been to seminary school. They need to discover that they have the potential to become full fledged generals whose ministry is in the marketplace. (social media) Instead of inside a church building. They need to discover that it is important to realize that it is not just OK to do ministry in the marketplace but God has explicitly called us and anointed us for it. By anointed I mean we have been chosen and empowered by the Holy Spirit. For a divinely sanctioned assignment. By ministry I mean we can do more than just witness but we can bring transformation to more than just your present sphere of influence. Ever widening to go worldwide. That’s the power of social media.

Most Christians sense that they have a bigger purpose than they are currently experiencing, but don’t comprehend exactly how they will achieve it.. Even though they sense that they have a call to ministry they hesitate to take the necessary steps to bring Christ into their business.Quite often they are told that this vacillation is due to lack of faith or worse yet an attachment to worldly things.This indictment leaves them confused because deep down they know their spiritual destiny is in the marketplace.

Welcome to the club.

Unfortunately many of these marketplace ministers fail to achieve their divine destiny because they are often derided as untrained or uneducated. This is not a new accusation. Peter and John would say “welcome To The Club” In the account we find in the book of Acts this is exactly what happened to businessmen turned ministers. This should never happen.because the requirement to be a minister is not religious education.But rather school for ministry is having been with Jesus, Not seminary

Acts 4:13 

People Are Joining

I’m pumped, It’s working, people are joining Global Marketplace Ministries. Most of you reading this have found me by Craigslist ads. Calling Christians Into Ministry. That has been my test of the market to see how much interest there would be for this paradigm. It was a success. Within a 3 week span during the worst time for an opportunity like this, Christmas time. I had 108 visitors to my website viewing 371 pages. And people are joining. See the screenshot photo below.

I have decided to take the plunge with both feet into social media. I hired a company yesterday to set up all the sites necessary for interested people in an automated system. Which can handle thousands of inquiries. I will soon have a Facebook live bible study, weekly. My brand “The Ninja Evangelist”
Training for the prophetically challenged. Stay tuned for updates. Rom 8:19

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God called me to the woodshed

My wife Tonya and I have a little joke between us that I’m going to share with you today about when God called me into the office.

For years now it’s been a very common practice for me to wake up in the middle of the night and spend quiet time with the Lord. Let me share one of those nights with you from roughly a year ago.

It was the Fall of 2017. On this particular night, I woke up in bed and had a strong sense that God wanted to say something to me. So I got up and headed to my office (my prayer closet), where He and I spend time together.

As I settled in, I feel like He spoke to me. Now, realize, I’m not saying I heard the audible voice of our Lord. It was more like a strong impression on my heart. Here is what I heard:


That shook me up and served to have me do some serious soul-searching.

I was reminded of this yesterday as I was having a discussion with Henry. Henry made a comment to me that in all our conversations so far he hadn’t heard me hype up the compensation plan at all. But rather my focus had always been on evangelism, Kingdom building, and worship. I, of course, realize we all need to make money so we can pay our bills and owe no man anything but to love them (Rom 13:8). And that money in and of itself are not bad, but rather “the love of money is the root of all evil” (1 Tim 6:10).

So, my prayer for all of you reading this is that God would bring you to the woodshed also. That you would come out of that place and be able to say:

“I will seek first Your Kingdom and Your Righteousness (Matt 6:33). Lord, knowing that all things will be added to me and I will have no need because You have supplied me (Phill 4:19).”


Fast forward now a few months and I start waking up numerous times right on the minute at 3:33 in the am.

Once or twice and I can question the coincidence. Half a dozen times and counting and I find myself questioning God. Are You trying to tell me something? What is it? No answer. This was not every night but often enough to really start bugging me. And I’m starting to get a bit agitated.

GOD WHAT ARE YOU TRYING TO TELL ME? A little help here, please. More time passes and yes I wake up at 3:33 a number of times. 

Now around the end of October 2018, I start having the idea of ministering to people after finishing their job. And one day I muster up the courage to actually try it for the first time, with a customer, after she has finished up her job.

This lady was overwhelmed that I cared enough to not only anoint her with oil but also to pray with her about some health challenges. We finish up and I head back to my truckĀ feeling very satisfied that I had perhaps found my destiny after all. As I start up my truck I glanced at the clock and guess what? Yup, it was 3:33 pm.

Thank You, God, for answering my question.

Unexpected benefit

Global Marketplace Ministries website is just 2 weeks old now. And I’m learning more every day as I work this new ministry.

My biggest surprise has been the friends that I’m making on the journey. You guys know who you are.

Yesterday, for instance, I had a 45-minute conversation and heard an amazing testimony. I didn’t foresee this in my plans for this business. In hindsight, I guess I should have. Perhaps I had become hardened by decades of marketing where it always felt like I was asking people to buy something.

I’m meeting and making friends with people from all over the USA. I’m sure it’s just a matter of time before it jumps abroad.

I have expectant excited anticipation each day now wondering what new person I’ll meet, what adventure God will bring into my life.

Want to join me? The process is simple
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I look forward to getting to know you better.

I had a dream last night…

I must be getting old… I had a dream about my brother (interpretation: brother in Christ).

My brother was taking his extra income and investing it in the stock market. At first, I was very excited for him and thought to myself “I should do this too.” Then my elder brother (interpretation: the Counselor, Holy Spirit) said: “Some people do invest in the stock market, some people waste all their extra income on extravagant living.

But I want you to invest in people”.

If you think about it, that’s what I’m doing with Global Marketplace Ministries. My business plan is based on spending my money to advertise and finding more people. The people will be placed to help the group thrive. With those who have been committed longer receiving more benefit. 

I’m betting on you. I’m trusting that you will stretch grow and believe that you will help build our Father’s Kingdom.

That we will rise up, an army of believers, and just like the early church, go from person to person and anointing them with oil pray the prayer of faith.

The process is simple. Call me 336-601-3023

My commitment to you

Life is changing fast with new technologies being born everyday. TV radio and newspaper ads which in previous decades were a staple for business are becoming something that only large corporations use. Savy small businesses are getting to the markets quicker and quicker using Attraction Marketing. This is the main thing Global Marketplace Ministries is going to focus on to bring the gospel of the Kingdom to the Ends Of The Earth. Let me teach YOU how YOU can be an integral part.

I trust that as I seek first the Kingdom and His righteousness, that all things will be added.