“You can’t fulfill your calling in your comfort zone”  – Steven Furtick

Doug Warren is the founder of the Global Marketplace Ministries. He started as a humble owner and operator of a stump grinding company.

But he had a dream. A big dream that affects the world and bring the Kingdom of God into the hearts of others.

He saw hundreds of business owners, factory workers, maintenance men and just ordinary people from across the world, on social media, ready, willing and able to take time to spread the fragrance of Christ wherever they go.

By using social media, Attraction Marketing he wants to help Christians to fulfill our mandate of making “disciples of all nations” (Matt 28:19).

Social Media has been proven to be able to reach Billions. Facebook alone is adding 6 new accounts every second  

He specializes in Attraction Marketing education and in helping leaders, managers, and business owners to bring the message of Christ’s gospel to the marketplace.

He has a vast experience in training others on how to maximize the productivity of their workers by creating a safe and prosperous work environment through sharing of Christ’s Gospel where you are.

He believes that all situations and meetings happen in our life for a reason. He will teach you how to use each and every opportunity to witness Christ and His Gospel in the world.

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