One of the main things I have noticed this first week. I am more laser focused on one thing .

As I look back on my decades in my Christian walk. I’m beginning to think that either #1 I haven’t heard much teaching on focus or #2 I haven’t paid much attention to it and my success has been scattered because of it. My focus was never directed long enough to see results. I had a major breakthrough yesterday in my method of reaching out with my business. This change allowed me to set 2 appointments with my first 2 phone calls. The wake up call for me was when I read one of the two things I need to read each day as part of the “Master Key Experience” I got to a certain part and it HIT me. I had been reading what just happened 3x a day for a couple of weeks. (Answered Prayer) Wow, If I got that after a week, what’s going to happen after 3 months?

Doug Warren “Founder Global Maketplace Ministries”