1/28/19 Global Marketplace Ministries 

 Christians need to know that they are not privates in Gods army just because they have not been to seminary school. They need to discover that they have the potential to become full fledged generals whose ministry is in the marketplace. (social media) Instead of inside a church building. They need to discover that it is important to realize that it is not just OK to do ministry in the marketplace but God has explicitly called us and anointed us for it. By anointed I mean we have been chosen and empowered by the Holy Spirit. For a divinely sanctioned assignment. By ministry I mean we can do more than just witness but we can bring transformation to more than just your present sphere of influence. Ever widening to go worldwide. That’s the power of social media.

Most Christians sense that they have a bigger purpose than they are currently experiencing, but don’t comprehend exactly how they will achieve it.. Even though they sense that they have a call to ministry they hesitate to take the necessary steps to bring Christ into their business.Quite often they are told that this vacillation is due to lack of faith or worse yet an attachment to worldly things.This indictment leaves them confused because deep down they know their spiritual destiny is in the marketplace.

Welcome to the club.

Unfortunately many of these marketplace ministers fail to achieve their divine destiny because they are often derided as untrained or uneducated. This is not a new accusation. Peter and John would say “welcome To The Club” In the account we find in the book of Acts this is exactly what happened to businessmen turned ministers. This should never happen.because the requirement to be a minister is not religious education.But rather school for ministry is having been with Jesus, Not seminary

Acts 4:13