People Are Joining

I’m pumped, It’s working, people are joining Global Marketplace Ministries. Most of you reading this have found me by Craigslist ads. Calling Christians Into Ministry. That has been my test of the market to see how much interest there would be for this paradigm. It was a success. Within a 3 week span during the worst time for an opportunity like this, Christmas time. I had 108 visitors to my website viewing 371 pages. And people are joining. See the screenshot photo below.

I have decided to take the plunge with both feet into social media. I hired a company yesterday to set up all the sites necessary for interested people in an automated system. Which can handle thousands of inquiries. I will soon have a Facebook live bible study, weekly. My brand “The Ninja Evangelist”
Training for the prophetically challenged. Stay tuned for updates. Rom 8:19

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