I had a dream last night…

I must be getting old… I had a dream about my brother (interpretation: brother in Christ).

My brother was taking his extra income and investing it in the stock market. At first, I was very excited for him and thought to myself “I should do this too.” Then my elder brother (interpretation: the Counselor, Holy Spirit) said: “Some people do invest in the stock market, some people waste all their extra income on extravagant living.

But I want you to invest in people”.

If you think about it, that’s what I’m doing with Global Marketplace Ministries. My business plan is based on spending my money to advertise and finding more people. The people will be placed to help the group thrive. With those who have been committed longer receiving more benefit. 

I’m betting on you. I’m trusting that you will stretch grow and believe that you will help build our Father’s Kingdom.

That we will rise up, an army of believers, and just like the early church, go from person to person and anointing them with oil pray the prayer of faith.

The process is simple. Call me 336-601-3023